TAO is the Chinese word for The WAY or the ultimate PATH to REALITY







It's a profound question of HARDWIRED neural
networks versus
SOFTWIRED neural networks?












"Almost all of us long for peace and

freedom, but very few of us have much

enthusiasm for the thoughts, feelings, and

actions that make for peace and freedom"
- Aldous Huxley






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Contrary to popular belief, both conflict and peace are not simply emotional conditions of the human mind ...




Conflict, especially those that are deeply entrenched in many regions of the world, are not just products of the participants' minds that can be switched off instantly at will, but are permanent hardwired products of our environments.


Yes we are slaves to our environment as David Suzuki says.



"If we donít change our wicked ways

and work for peace today, then

tomorrow will always reflect the

turmoils of yesterday and today"
- Valerie J. Elly





Because it is our environments that frame the hardwired networks of our brains which in turn frames our daily actions and then our minds.


But the tragedy of conflict does not end in our minds as an intangible neural impulse of thought as is the popular belief.


No, hatred, intolerance, greed and revenge are far more sinister and far more entrenched in our brains then what we are led to believe.


As are love and peace in those who love and work for peace.


They are more then just intangible emotions.


They are actual hardwired neural networks as we have mentioned before.


And this is the fundamental and profound reason why these entrenched conflicts are easily perpetuated for many, many generations despite our many good intentions.


Because the conflicts actually become very physical, very tangible entrenched hardwired neural networks in the participantsí brains.


And these hardwired neural networks are just as real and just as tangible as any other dedicated physical hardwired communication network like those in the telecommunication and information technology industries.


Yes because of our entrenched hateful environments, as children, our brains become physically molded into hardwired network vehicles of hate. Yes those emotions of hatred form real physical hardwired links in our brains, just like the hardwired links of the Internet and phone systems we use each day.


But instead of being made of fiber optics, copper and coaxial cables, our hardwired neural networks are made up of dendrites, axons, electrical impulses, synapses and neurotransmitters.


And these hardwired neural links of HATE in our brain are just as real as growing an extra arm or leg. You must try to comprehend this profound fact.


And because our brain is hardwired for hatred, that is why it is far more difficult to forgive and begin peace without FIRST accepting this profound paradigm and knowledge.



"Blessed are the peace-makers"
- Matthew



For lasting peace on planet Earth, each of us needs to make a profound paradigm shift to embrace this profound fact - that our neural networks in our brains are actual real tangible hardwired networks like a landline (ordinary) telephone network, and not intangible neural networks like a cellular mobile phone network that disappears when we fall asleep or stop thinking about our enemies.






AGAIN BECAUSE IT IS MOST IMPORTANT - Yes the barriers that prevent peace and unconditional love are not only because we have become hateful people.


It is difficult to embrace change for peace because we do not realize that we are prisoners to our hateful hardwired neural networks due to the perpetual hateful environments our forefathers and foremothers have created for us and nurtured us to accept.


Which then physically moulds each of our brains into a real hardwired network of hatred, and locked us (physically in the form of our hardwired neural networks and therefore emotionally) into a lifetime of destruction, intolerance, abuse, hatred, misery, pain, greed and lost wealth and lost growth opportunities for ourselves, our families, for our communities and for our nations.


And this hardwired network of hate in each of our brains frames every aspect of our lives.


That is why it is so difficult for many of us to embrace peace, tolerance and forgiveness, because we are consumed and overwhelmed by our hardwired neural links of hatred.


The creation of the hardwired network in our brains begins from a very early age. Ever watched a gifted young person perform? They perform their chosen field as if they were born with their special ability.



"It takes two to make peace"
- John F. Kennedy



Those of us in regions of hate - watch our young children and you will see that they have specialized in hate, violence and intolerance.


As a young child growing up in a region of conflict, many billions of hateful neural links from every corner of the brain are physically formed in our brains, and by the time we are adults our destiny is set in powerful hardwired neural pathways and there is very little we can do to escape this evil destructive world.


Our neural links of hatred become as strong as the strongest steel cables.



"Violence begets violence"
- David Suzuki



Now let's go a little deeper to better understand this most evil neural disease that is also a cancer because it destroys life just like every other cancer.


Before we are born our hardwired neural network has already began its explosive growth which probably doesn't end until we reach the age of twenty. So this explosive growth continues frantically the moment we are born.


Now it is believed that the first five or so years are the most critical for a child's development.


Some include the time in our mother's womb as well as a critical formative period for our development. Can you see how the cancer of hate is perpetuated in our children before they can begin to understand the intricacies of life?


Gifted children have developed into these wonderful examples of humanity because of the way in which their brains have been hardwired from a very early age. They simply do not know how not to be good at what they do so well.


So we can teach our children to either love or hate at this very early age. And our choice to love or hate is profoundly critical for the child's development. We either condemn them to a long life of HATE or a long life of LOVE.


This all sounds very mundane and simple for many of us. In fact we all know that this is a fact. But what very few of us seem to understand is the way in which our brain grows and develops.



- Valerie J. Elly


As our brain grows, develops and evolves, it does not do this in a simple singular or serial fashion, one strand at a time. It develops in a most magical explosive parallel manner in what WEPI calls BRAIN-BINDING or massive neural cables of hate or peace.


Ever seen a rope that holds a ship at bay, or a big steel cable? Well that is exactly how our brain develops, millions of neural strands simultaneously just like a powerful steel cable. And eventually billions and trillions of strands linked tightly together to frame our consciousness, character and eventual destiny.


So when we nurture a child to hate, we are planting a nucleus seed of hate around which trillions of strands will eventually unite in a powerful hardwired communication network of hate to make our hatred so impenetrable that all the love in the world may never destroy it.


Now it is critical that you understand that each strand is an actual tangible very physical neural strand, not an intangible temporary link like that of a mobile phone that vanishes the moment we stop thinking about something like hate. Yes we do have temporary memory.


But when we teach our children to hate from an early age, we are helping to create a permanent permanent hardwired neural network in their brains that is made up of trillions of real neural HATE-LINKS that will frame their entire lifetime with hate.


And that is why peace is such an impossible path for many troubled regions around the world. It isn't just about tradition or revenge.


It's about many trillions of neural links of hate multiplied by the many millions of soldiers in the countless conflicts around the world at this very moment.


Great for the shareholders of the global defense industry, but not so great for the turmoil ravaged regions. And most of our current conflicts are not against foreign invaders, but against ourselves - local conflicts.


So before we can purge the hate and conflict from our region, we must first purge our many trillions of hardwired links from each of our brains.


Only then will our peace agreements begin to eventuate, and only then will our peace agreements have the critical foundations that will enable them to achieve enduring long term acceptance and success.


As long as those hardwired HATE-LINKS in our HATE-NETWORK exist in each of our brains, peace will never be achieved because they will always be there to perpetuate and drive our hate habits and ill feelings.


So we cannot break this universal natural law of our HARDWIRED BRAIN, we can only break ourselves against its very real, very tangible, hardwired, BRAIN-BINDING POWERS - or what WEPI calls the -






Because we use every part of our brain in a parallel and simultaneous process to create our HATE-LINKS in our NEURAL HATE NETWORK. Many billions of neural strands unite from every part of our brain and bind together to create a neural steel cable of hate ...


So we keep on hating, abusing and killing each other.


To achieve peace, we must first become our own neuro-surgeons and willingly invest the time and energy to purge our brains of hate by culling our HATE-LINKS from our tightly parallel bound network of HATE.


The sooner we begin this most vital task, the sooner we will be able to give each other unconditional love, which will lay the critical platform for us to achieve our peace and harmony.


And to achieve peace it is necessary to cut out these very real physical links and replace them with new links of love and peace. In theory it may be possible to physically cut out the hardwired network of hate from our brains, like cutting out a tumor.


It sounds like a very simple task, but it is not an easy one, because of the generations of entrenched hatred and a lifetime of building our hardwired neural networks in our brains which in turn contains many billions of hardwired links of hate.


But it can be done because there is a very simple process that is instantly available to each of us, if we want to achieve our peace and and our unconditional love bad enough.


The sooner we begin the healing process, the quicker the billions of hardwired neural Hate-Links in each of our brains are cut out and disconnected (like disconnecting your home phone line) and replaced by a new empowering hardwired neural network of Happy-Links and Love-Links that will give us our unconditional love and peace.


If you can get yourself a copy of David Suzuki's research documentaries on the Human Brain, you will actually see this magical process taking place under a very powerful microscope.


We all know it is not right to hate, but there is little that we can do to emancipate ourselves from the hatred, unless we cut out the hate network and rewire our brains with new hardwired networks of unconditional love, tolerance and forgiveness.


There is no other way ...


And we can better do this (achieve peace and love) by acknowledging the inevitable enormous pain and misery that our future holds for our children, if we do not change NOW. And the knowledge and realization of this dismal future may force each of us to rewire our brains with hardwired networks of love.


And continue this neural hardwiring process of giving unconditional love every day until those hardwired networks of love become massive hardwired steel cables of unconditional love and peace ... and we will achieve our peace one precious rewired brain (by rewiring our hardwired neural network) at a time.


And we will achieve our Utopia.


Now the wonderful thing is despite the strong neural links of hatred and revenge being real physical hardwired neural links that exist in our brains (as real as an arm or a leg), we do not need complex neuro-surgery to cut this evil cancer of hatred out of our brains.


Physical neuro-surgery is one way to do it because they are physical links that truly exist, but this would involve unraveling and dismantling our brains entirely to isolate each HATE-LINK. This path you will agree is totally absurd and impossible.


We created those hateful links with our actions and our thoughts, and therefore we can just as simply and easily destroy them and cut them out with our brains through the awesome limitless powers of FORGIVENESS, along with courageous acts of love, and wonderful visualizations and affirmations of peace, harmony and unconditional love for each other.


We must all see the future as a peaceful unconditionally loving world. What we see in our minds will become our hardwired neural LOVE LINKS in our brains that will over time deliver unconditional love and peace to us all.


Ask for forgiveness and you shall receive it!


Yes, to begin the healing process we must first FORGIVE ourselves. We must love ourselves first before we can give love to others - we cannot give what we do not know or have. Only with superior self-love can we give love to others.


And then we must move to a higher level of enlightenment and FORGIVE our rivals. But before that, we must transcend our hate and move to an even higher level of enlightenment.


And it is this inability to move to this most powerful and emancipating level of love that has always been the stumbling block for many peace talks in the past.




Because it requires the most powerful levels of courage, empathy, will and unconditional love that is humanly possible - to empathize with our rivals and ask them for forgiveness - no matter which side started the conflict. Like a wonderful waltz or dance, it takes two to indulge in the tango of war.


And it will take both parties to forgive each other to achieve peace. But we adults already know this???


Give Love and you shall receive love! Give what you want to receive. If you want unconditional love - you must give unconditional love first!


Only then will our path to salvation and enlightenment begin for us. So purge our brains, burn our guns and knives, and defuse our bombs and nuclear missiles, and reach out a hand of peace to those who want to harm you.


If we can send a spaceship to Mars, surely we can forgive our neighbor or rival when they courageously ask us for forgiveness. Because peace and war or a trip to Mars, like every aspect in our lives, it all begins and ends in our hearts, minds, souls, and our hardwired neural networks of our brains.


So ask for forgiveness first from those you feel should forgive you because they have hurt you. If you think they hurt you, and they think you hurt them, when can the fighting end? Never!



"Great tranquility of heart

is his who cares for

neither praise nor blame"
- Thomas Kempis



The great sage Wayne Dyer says, rather then naively fight for peace, we must wisely and super effectively choose to work for peace ... TOGETHER.


This is a most profound paradigm shift that we must all make - if peace is what we want. Because when you fight for peace you become part of the fatal problem.



You become another soldier
sucked into the conflict ...



And when we rush in to fill the gap, we create a vacuum that drags in another soldier with an opposite view, and therefore the conflict expands further because there are more soldiers fighting the battle, fanning the flames of the furnace of hate, and so the pain and misery perpetuates, costing both sides valuable resources that could be more wisely invested in improving the standard of living for our children, society and the next generations.


And because many trillions of dollars of financial and social capital is squandered on our foolish hatred each year, there is very little left to invest in maximizing great wealth and peace creating opportunities for us all.


And we poor deluded fools are poorer for it. And we will keep going until we are emotional, familial, social, environmental, corporate and financial bankrupts.


Adults who teach their children to hate in their critical formative years are guilty of the most hideous form of child abuse there is, because it is the most despicable and vile form of crime that an adult or parent can commit against his or her own children, or on any other child.




There are many reasons why, but here are a few main ones ...


Firstly: because the child does not have any defense against such abuse at this early stage and age.


A child cannot truly know the context, intent or impact of his or her parents' negative programming of hate.


And therefore cannot guard or protect him or herself against its insidious hateful cancer, and the foundations of the hardwired network of hate is laid in the child's brain which frames the child's actions and development.


Lord help the child if it dares to rebel against our insidious paradigms of hate ...


We smash them down and break them until they conform.


If they don't buckle against our relentless pressure, we send or drive them away.


Some powerful religions do this also - it's called -


de-fellowship - excommunication ...


Secondly: the act of planting the seeds of evil and hatred into an innocent mind violates the right of the child to decide his or her own destiny, especially the childís right to choose peace and harmony over hatred.


But children are more powerful today, and they will not be programmed to hate as easily as previous generations have been.


So watch out you parents who are purveyors of hate, intolerance and greed. Your kids are smarter and more courageous then you think. Continue to force hate on them and they will run from you and join a peace corp.


Thirdly: by perpetuating hatred, we violate our position as nurturers by abusing the trust the child and Life has placed in us. Children want to be accepted by those they admire and love.


So they emulate their parents, friends and peers to establish the critical rapport they crave and must have as gregarious love hungry creatures, as we all are.


And because the world they live in is a hateful environment that is embraced by the majority, that is what they feel safe to choose, and embrace hatred they do so that we model mentors of hate can accept into our insidious clans of hate.


Go with the flow of hate and you'll be a mate of the masses, the child erroneously believes ...


In such a powerful hateful environment, very few of us would be able to find the courage or will to fight such totally awesome negative forces to choose peace and love, as the perpetuation of many of our conflicts confirms each day.


So the crime of passing on the HATE-GENE (the HATE-Nucleus around which our neural HATE-LINKS form in our brains to create our neural HATE-NETWORK) to the next generation is without question - the most vile and insidious of crimes that we adults can commit against our very precious children.



"There is no more abhorrent a

crime against our children then

passing on our HATE-GENE"

- Valerie J. Elly



And there is no more a sadder sight then to see a child abuse and hate another child because of their different ideals, beliefs, smaller size, race or different shade of skin.


Because you can see that the next generation is already lost to the past, and the effort to work for peace becomes a little bit more difficult for us all.



"I prefer the most unjust peace
to the justest war"
- Cicero



So young dudes, no matter what hateful acts we foolish adults do to each other each day, you all unite and work for peace, and it is peace that will expand into an awesome totally unstoppable global force to embrace all our hateful mentors and purge their hearts of hatred and greed, and fill them with unconditional love, peace and giving.


Now that's a goal worth working for
each day, do you agree?


So let's all get hardwired for unconditional love and unconditional peace today, and begin the culling and purging of the hardwired links of hate from our brains ... while we have a real choice.



"Buried was the hatchet, buried was the dreadful war club, buried were all warlike weapons, and the war cry was forgotten. There was peace among nations"
- Longfellow



This may be the ultimate solution for peace for us all because children all over the world will embrace its magical powers today and courageously defy their parents and choose peace, love and harmony over their parents fatal perpetual wasteful turmoils.


It is the most superior path for humanity to achieve the supreme enlightenment.


It no longer matters if we foolish greedy hateful adults continue to hate and abuse each other, and continue to squander priceless resources and wealth creating opportunities for our nations, because the children of this new millennium and those of future generations will defy our foolishness and choose peace and love.


So we adults may as well give in to this new WEPIFORCE and begin loving each other and more importantly begin loving our precious children unconditionally. There are no more valid reasons why we should keep hating, abusing and killing each other.


We either love our children unconditionally and therefore use this incentive to forgive our enemies and rivals, and together work for peace, or we don't love our children enough to transcend our fatal hate and greed.


In the past we adults have never had the time, never the will, never the reason, never the courage and strength, and never the love to end our turmoils for the sake of peace.


The time for excuses is over for we of the NEVER - NEVER, because our children will not tolerate our abuse of each other. They will find a way to transcend our hate to find their own peace - with or without us.


This fact is incontrovertible ...



So it is written, so shall it be achieved ... by our children - The super wise, super bold, super enlightened, super intuitive, techno-info enriched, visionary, and unconditionally loving Net Generation!



Do you really want to gain the power to truly
forgive others in your life who have hurt you?




Do you really want to gain the power to truly
secure peace in your part of the world?




Do you really want to contribute to your region?






Try this wonderful resource that became available a little while after this wonderful WEPI KOOL TOOL was published on the Net to confirm that the philosophies behind many of WEPI's wonderful KOOL TOOLs -


And also discover exactly why it is so critical that we focus on our children's critical formative years, from the moment of birth to 3 to 5 years of age, the critically important period when what WEPI terms a child's "lifetime platform" - the foundations of a child's neural network are laid, and on which a child's future emotional destiny and stability is formed, or what WEPI terms - HARD-WIRED for life ...


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May the WEPIFORCE be with you always!